Omnichannel platform
Services for customer service in messengers, on the website, in the mobile application and by phone
Advanced technology, ready to be implemented in your business
Digitize the customer service
It's fast. Convenient for customers. And it’s profitable for your business.
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Flomni features
Multi-user omni channel interface
All calls and tools for their efficient processing in one interface. Support up to 500 operators online
Automatic processing of typical requests
Flexible algorithm, work with external data, transfer chat to live operators at the right time
Voice bot
Intelligent voice assistant
Automating outgoing calls and primary contact for incoming calls
Message Transport
Universal API for a variety of digital channels
Sending messages and receiving answers in messengers, mobile applications and other communication channels
Speech Models
Artificial intelligence, ready for deployment today
Use machine learning to better understand user requests
Transparent reporting
Statistics on the operation of the platform is always available in the personal account of the service
Bring your customer’s conversation automated
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