Powerful features to simplify communication with customers
Integrate our API in minutes and send notifications via WhatsApp or any messenger. Start using Flomni with minimal changes in your internal systems.
Emails from public email providers, such as Gmail and Yahoo! aren't accepted. Please use a corporate email.
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Flomni+Apple Messages
REST API integration in 5 minutes or less.
One-stop REST interface provides a seamless format conversion through WhatsApp.
Flomni does not receive information about the user's personal page at the social networks.
Works through Messages app installed on all Apple devices.
Allows you to create convenient List pickers, Time pickers, Rich links. Integration with built-in App in Apple devices: Wallet, Calendar app, Apple Maps. The ability to pay via Apple Pay.
Ability to start chat being found the business in Apple Maps. Option switch to the chat instead of a phone call by the phone number using Message Suggest function.
Create secure user authentication based on the iMessage app extension for account personalization.
Extra bonuses
Send notifications to millions of users using one API. Distribute users into categories and topics to deliver more personalized messages.
Connect to your clients through WhatsApp. It's more effective compare to SMS or phone calls.
Business growth
Because your clients will be happy: Flomni take into consideration personal preferences no matter if it's messenger, chat or SMS.
Are you ready to communicate with yor clients at WhatsApp?
We are official approved by Messages service platform for registration WhatsApp for the organizations.

We'll guide you through all the registration steps and help you to meet all the requirements related to technical integration, scripting, and testing, and going online with WhatsApp.