Orders support
Allows you to automate the confirmation and maintenance of online orders in instant messengers and by phone through the use of chatbots and voice bots. It can also be used to inform customers after completing the order cycle.
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Solution benefits
Quick start
The basic order processing sequence is already thought out.
Budget savings
At the base rate, the cost of processing one order is 4 times less than the usual call for the manager to confirm the order. On tariffs with a large number of options achieved 10-fold savings.
Client convenience
Most customers appreciate the new customer experience.
The solution adapts to seasonal sales and peak loads, and also scales quickly when needed.
What does orders support include?
Ready widget for installation in the order basket
API for installing a custom widget
Bot-platform managed by the visual designer
Multi-user operator interface for 10 operators
Ready statistics and analytics on order processing
What processes can be automated?
Service startup sequence
Integration into the order basket
Channels in which maintenance is performed are automatically created and attached to the platform.
The finished widget is installed in the order basket or a new one is created based on the API documentation.
Communication channels
You choose the appropriate communication channels for you including Viber, Telegram, VK, Facebook Messenger, Odnoklassniki, Robocall, SMS.
If you need to use your telephony or SMS channel, you will need to pay for the first month of using the package and connect your channels through the customer service department.
Configuring bot operation
Based on the ready-made template, taking into account the requirements of a particular business, the bot's work script and the content of messages that will be sent to the client are edited.
Creating accounts for operators
Toggle message sending to Flomni
How many orders do you have at your online store?
You’ll pay the base price for your plan each month. Any costs for users beyond your plan allotment will vary month-to-month based on your users volume.
10 000
Base monthly cost
Extra orders
Cost per extra orders
Monthly estimate
Extra options
Robocall usage
Customer telephony (connecting to an external SIP trunk) - $60 / mo
Flomni telephony (outgoing call for robocall) - $0.01 / 15 sec
Robocall types
With speech synthesis and DTMF commands - $0.005 / 15sec
With speech synthesis and recognition - $0.015 / 15sec
SMS sending
Connection within the customer’s contract - $100 / mo
Sending messages via Flomni - from $0.02 / mes
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