SMS messaging

Send service messages and use cascade mailing in messenger apps at lower costs.


Send SMS only if customers have
no messenger apps installed

Increase mailing efficiency while saving money

90% of all messages
can be delivered to your customers in messenger apps, and the remaining 10% can be delivered via SMS
Personalized conversations
Integration with your IT systems and automated responding to customer actions
Convenient mailing format
Sending via API, Flomni account, or your CRM/CMS system

Much more affordable if you use cascade mailing

Add other channels to reduce mailing costs

How cascade mailing works
Messages are sent to each channel in turn, starting with the most affordable one. If the email message remains unread for a specified time, it will be sent again in messenger apps. If the user still doesn't receive it, they will get an SMS message.
Социальные сети

Widget for switching to messenger apps

Add a widget link to SMS messages and increase mailing efficiency

Interactive communication
Give your customers a way to clarify the details or ask questions. Connect a chatbot to relieve the workload with with no impact on service quality
Convenient ways to interact
Active messenger chats within your reach, any time. Staying in touch with customers in any format is a sure way to increase their loyalty
Save on messages in the future
The system can match a messenger session with the customer's number to resume the chat in a messenger app, not SMS

Extra options

Strong analytics: reports on mailing efficiency and chatbot actions
Delayed delivery according to schedule
Personalized messages based on your IT system data

Personalized pricing

Rates may vary depending on your country, region, and number of messages sent. Email us, and we'll send you a quote


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