A Smart Bot is
an AI assistant.

Add-on chatbot module for random text recognition


New chatbot generation

AI technology for random text recognition

30% more requests processed with no human operators involved
The bot can recognize the topic of a message, instantly generate an appropriate response, and simulate a conversation with a human operator
11% faster operator performance
If a request has already been handed off to an operator, the bot will generate a prompt that can be converted into a template
Improved customer service
The Smart Bot can instantly address customers' requests without having to follow a scenario or wait for an operator to connect

Smart Bot features

Automating up to 80% of all requests for customer support

Topic recognition
An AI bot can use free text recognition to understand the point of the message and send an appropriate response, just like a human operator would do
Emotion recognition
If a customer is not happy, bots can make a special offer or hand the chat off to a human operator as a high priority
Personalized conversations
To ensure efficient communication, AI bots use CRM data. It may include contacts, order details, appointment or location data

Bot confidence thresholds

Bots will hand off a chat if the percentage of accurate text recognition is below the threshold

Узлы схемы бота

Intuitive no-code chatbot builder

Create scenarios, add interactive elements, and implement
business processes of any complexity

Lifelong learning

Connect a Smart Bot in a few clicks, and it will learn the rest on its own

Loading chats
Initial training when loading existing chats with customers
Online training
AI bots learn from operators while processing requests
Manual corrections
If the AI bot can't recognize the topic, employees can tag it manually

Test it in action

See how easily a Smart Bot recognizes your message

Imagine that you have placed an order in an online store and you are trying to find out the details using the chat feature
We want to show you how Smart Bots can recognize your message based on several key criteria. Use ready-made message templates or ask your own question
Where's my order?
How do I cancel an order?
How do I change the delivery method?

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