Support employees
at every step

HR bot platform made to automate communication in messenger apps


Communicate in messenger apps

A simple and reliable way to develop corporate culture

Native communication
Your employees already use messengers: it's a familiar format for personal and professional communication
All types of conversation scenarios
You can automate processes exactly as you do now, or improve on them
Professional approach
Setting up and managing data on a single platform. Top-level, detailed reports on all activities

HR chatbot will take care of any routine and repetitive tasks

Everything is under control at every stage of working with an employee

Bots can introduce the employee to the company and answer basic questions. They can explain the code of conduct, corporate values, and team roles
Training and testing
Interactive learning scenarios with a scheduled start. Details about employee progress and achievements
Motivation and incentives
Automated interaction with employees to provide timely feedback, monitor performance, and support employee growth

All you need is set up the processes once

Unique scenarios for different audience segments

Message sending
Keep your employees informed of news and updates, remind them of events, and engage them in conversations. Customize your audiences, mailing conditions, and messages
Training, testing, and business games
Create well-structured training materials and test employee knowledge in any format, from quizzes to quests. Use interactive elements like stickers, emojis, media files, and built-in games
Surveys and feedback collection
It is important to know what is going on in the company, within teams, and with every employee. Gather data to fix weaknesses and improve strengths
Human communication
thanks to AI

Smart HR bots can simulate human conversation.
They understand random text, recognize the topic, and suggest appropriate responses.

Search for the information you need in a single click

You can store all important data in a menu with easy navigation

Quick-access FAQ
Knowledge base with catalog search option
Displaying data from the knowledge base using free-text keywords

HR bots can set up organizational processes

Document drafts
You can add templates for contracts and applications, and automatically send documents to the accounting department for approval
If an employee encounters any difficulties, the service can hand off the chat to a specialist or mentor
Create tickets right in the HR bot
If you need to fulfill a specific request, contact the responsible employee in a single click

Handing off a chat to a mentor or HR specialist

All data is saved — and you know where to find it

Employee details
Chatbot history
Search conversations by topic, tag, name, and command
New message notifications sent to email or messenger apps
Unlimited content — like in messengers
Диалоги транспортной компании

Strong HR analytics and custom reports

View top-level reports on the dashboard, download survey and test results, and evaluate the outcome by any criteria

A reliable platform tailored to
serve millions of customers

Stable uptime with 99.9% SLA and one-second message delivery
Reliable service with emergency auto-restore functions
All types of formats: use a cloud version or install the service on your own server
Our servers are located in Russia
We care for data security and comply with Russian personal data processing laws
Customize option at your request

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