VKontakte messaging and chatbots

Use of messenger apps can replace costly SMS messages and an entire team of operators


Automate your conversations in VKontakte

Connect the channel that is used extensively by 60% of subscribers in Russia (according to random sampling)

Pay for delivered messages only
Save money on mailing and analyze mailing efficiency based on reports
Integration with IT systems
Automate notifications of order, appointment, or delivery status change
Automated responses
Let a chatbot handle most of the messages. It will hand off a conversation to a human operator when needed.

Activate any kinds of scenarios

Business notifications
They will appear in a special business section in VKontakte. Users can't respond to them, but they can be certain that the message was sent by the company
Service notifications
These notifications are sent from the company's official group (even if the user is not a subscriber). Users can interact with the company and use their chatbot here
Chatbots activate when you need them most: when users respond to a service message or when they contact the company directly. Bot scenarios can be set up using our no-code builder

Easy ways to send messages

You can set up both regular and one-time mailing.
It's up to you to decide if they will be automated or time-dependent.

Via VKontakte API
Via Flomni account
Via your IT system

We can connect a VKontakte business account for free

so that you can use all messenger features to your maximum benefit

24/7 customer support via chat

Set up a chatbot just once and stop worrying about repetitive questions.

Chatbots can recognize the topic of a question and instantly offer a solution. Faster and more accurate answers mean greater loyalty.
Data retrieval
Customers will automatically receive all relevant data about their orders, appointments, and requests, while operators are free to deal with more important matters.
Making changes
Customers can use chatbots to edit the details of their order or appointment. All data will be saved in your IT system.
Узлы схемы бота

No-code chatbot builder

Create scenarios, add interactive elements, and implement
business processes of any complexity

A single platform for processing requests

Available options correspond to business needs

All types of conversation scenarios
Set up messaging and chatbot scenarios to automate everything you do by hand
Chat platform for operators
Chats from all channels in a single UI with the chat history option
Strong analytics
Reports on mailing efficiency and operator performance, as well as data on customer actions in the chatbot

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