Voice bots for
contact centers

Incoming and outgoing calls, automated using AI technology


Reduce your contact center workload

3 times more affordable
Bots can help reduce the costs of payroll, telephony, and outsourced call center services
Operator workload is up to 80% lower
Routine processes and similar questions can be processed automatically, with no employees involved
24/7 operation
Customers can have their questions answered at any time of the day, which improves customer experience

Customize bots to fit your business processes

Outgoing calls
Keep customers informed of news, notify them of changes, and ask for feedback on service quality
Receiving incoming calls
Bots can advise customers on basic questions and hand off the chat when necessary
Customer self-service
Automate the processing of requests and orders. Set up a process for rescheduling a delivery or appointment date so you don't have to involve an operator

Performing routine operations

Automate the communication with customers with no impact on service quality

Speech recognition
Voice bots can identify a customer, taking into account the details of their order or appointment
Human-like interaction
Bots can recognize the topic and customer's mood so that the conversation follows a logical path
Lifelong learning
The service keeps improving using AI mechanisms

Bot confidence thresholds

Voice bots will hand off a chat if the percentage of accurate text recognition is below the threshold

CRM and telephony integration
Bright Pattern
We can adjust the integration for your specific goals at short notice
Узлы схемы бота

Intuitive no-code chatbot builder

Create scenarios, add interactive elements, and implement
business processes of any complexity

More options

A single platform for text-based chatbots and voice bots
Chat analytics, chatbot use statistics
Release management system
Create automated tests and run them on schedule
Integration with any system
Incoming IVR line service
Automated outgoing calls
Emergency alerts

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and help you find the right solution

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