Messenger chats instead of calls and SMS

Increase customer service efficiency and cut
the costs of maintaining your contact center in half.


Bots can take on part of employees' work

They can work out basic requests unassisted with no impact on quality

Confirm orders
Set delivery date and time
Send a reminder
Conduct a survey
Gather feedback
Send promo offer details

A single customer care system

Mailing in messenger apps
Reduce the costs of service messages and get closer to your customers
Chatbots for customer self-service
Give your customers an option to reschedule an appointment or retrieve order details
A single chat platform
Speed up operator performance with customer data, chat history, and automated response prompts

Send out newsletters in a convenient way

Send messages in response to certain customer actions or trigger them manually.
Connect chatbots in place of face-to-face communication

Transfer data via API
Send messages from Flomni account
Synchronization with IT systems

Let your employees handle more important tasks

Create jobs, schedule newsletters, and get feedback from your customers automatically

Create a customer database
You can fill out a template by hand, import a file, or set up integration with your IT system
Create jobs
Automated interaction with customers: gather feedback, clarify details and confirm information
Make a mailing chain
Set mailing activation time and conditions for sending the second and subsequent messages
Read reports
Key information only. Message recipients, conversion rate and outcome of the corresponding actions. Example: who left feedback and who did not

100% delivery rate with cascade mailing

Combine messenger apps, emails, and SMS messaging

Mailing by phone number
This option is supported by VKontakte, Viber, WhatsApp, and SMS. Choose multiple channels or use all four channels for greater efficiency
Mailing lists
You can use mailing lists to send messages in Telegram, VKontakte, or Viber. Use the channel that is more popular with your customers for more affordable prices
Combined mailing
Combine messenger app functionality, add SMS messages, and make the most of your mailing lists
Социальные сети
How cascade mailing works

Messages are sent in each messenger app in turn, starting with the most affordable one. If the user does not use any messenger apps, they will be sent an SMS message

If necessary, we can study your processes
to set up the platform for you

We have extensive experience in automating large-scale contact centers, so we can share our expertise with you.
Our team of experts will solve any issue with minimal involvement from your side.

A flexible platform tailored to serve millions of customers

Stable uptime with 99.9% SLA and one-second message delivery
Reliable service with emergency auto-restore functions
All types of formats: use a cloud version or install the service on your own server
Our servers are located in Russia
We care for data security and comply with Russian personal data processing laws
Customize option at your request

Analytics for every occasion

View reports in your personal account and upload them in a convenient format

All data on employee performance
For example: number of chats processed, average chat processing time, line waiting time and customer ratings
All data on chatbot efficiency
Data on user requests and chatbot actions. For example: which requests the bot managed to complete, and which did it hand off to operators
All data on customer behavior
User journey, chatbot conversion funnel, and customer satisfaction score

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Our experts will answer all your questions
and help you find the right solution

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