Telegram messaging
and chatbots

Enable new Telegram features to stay in touch with your customers


Mailing to users who have logged into your bot

Connect an extra channel for communication with your customers

Affordable messages to subscribers
Initiate conversations to send service or promo messages
All types of media files
Pictures, videos, files, website links, buttons linked to a chatbot and other actions
API integration with IT systems
Automate notifications of order, appointment, or delivery status change

Unlimited options with Telegram Bot API

Improve customer experience and increase service quality with unorthodox solutions

Embedded payments
After the customer selects a product or service, they can pay directly in the chat with no extra fees
Web apps for chatbots
Create UI of any kind so that users don't have to leave the messenger to perform targeted actions
Built-in games
Design single and multiplayer games that make it possible for users to team up or compete for a better score
An environment made for communication
Bots can connect users based on common interests, location, and much more

24/7 customer support in Telegram

Set up a chatbot once and stop worrying about repetitive questions. Chatbots can recognize the topic of a question and instantly offer a solution. Faster and more accurate answers mean greater loyalty

Узлы схемы бота

No-code chatbot builder

Create scenarios, add interactive elements, and implement
business processes of any complexity

A single platform for processing requests

Available options correspond to business needs

All types of conversation scenarios
Set up messaging and chatbot scenarios to automate everything you do by hand
Chat platform for operators
Chats from all channels in a single UI with the chat history option
Strong analytics
Reports on mailing efficiency and operator performance, as well as data on customer actions in the chatbot

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