Hiring has never been
so easy

HR bot platform made to automate communication
with job seekers on messenger apps


Support at every stage

Up to 60 hours
monthly savings in employee time
2 to 3 times
more positions filled thanks to the CRM system
more chat conversions

Automatically initiated conversations
for all job search formats

Different entry points for outgoing search and incoming responses

Mailing by customer database in messenger apps
No need to save every contact and send every message by hand. Just add phone numbers to the job list in your personal account, and the system will send messages for you. Add the bot to the conversation. It will find those interested in the job and let you know about them.
Automated responding to feedback
Send a link to an HR bot in your reply to the candidate's message on any HR service like hh.ru, Superjob, Avito, etc. The bot will verify their eligibility, tell them about the hiring process and hand off the chat to an HR manager, if necessary.

HR bots can identify candidates
that are interested and eligible

Speed up the process of mass recruiting and hiring of qualified employees

Identifying the candidate's interest level
When searching for job candidates, it is best to get a good understanding of who is willing to engage in dialog and who has no interest in your offer. A single question a bot can ask each candidate will save you a few hours a day
Eligibility check
A brief survey might help you understand if a candidate meets your requirements. You can view the results in your personal account, download them in a convenient format, and join the conversation in person
Scheduling an interview
Candidates who have met your parameters will be able to sign up for an interview in an available time slot. The interview will automatically appear on your work calendar.
Reminders and notifications
Delayed messaging can save time on tracking appointments, and reminders about upcoming interviews will increase the chances of an actual meeting
Human communication
thanks to AI

Smart HR bots can simulate human conversation.
They understand random text, recognize the topic, and suggest appropriate responses.

The bot will hand off a chat to an HR specialist, if necessary.

Messages from all channels are collected on a single chat platform

Details of the party who initiates a chat
Send service messages when order, appointment, or delivery status is changed Integration with your CRM or CMS system
Candidate details and chat history
Send personalized offers and recommendations, notify your customers of promo offers Quick phrases, real-time typing view
Response templates and AI-based prompts for operators
Create templates from scratch or connect a prompt bot to recognize the topic of an incoming message and suggest ready-made answers to the operator
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You won't miss anything

In-app notifications of new messages
Disturbed process alerts
Receiving and distributing messages among employees
All types of API integrations: job search websites and HRM
Conversation quality assessment
Setting up working and non-working hours

Reports for strategic

Hiring funnel
Track the entire hiring funnel, no extra services needed
Candidate sources
Optimize your recruiting budget and identify growth points
Survey results
Optimize your recruiting budget and identify growth points
Lists of candidates
Get back in touch with candidates who were not eligible before, but who fit the right parameters now
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