All online chat features in the mobile app

Out-of-the-box SDK chat component —
all that's left is integration

Mobile SDK for Android and iOS apps

Reduce app development costs.
Start earning from chats and push notifications much faster.

Customized design
and unlimited formats

Use chats to deliver information and switch to messengers when needed

Media files
Spare no expense: share emoticons, pictures, videos, files, locations, and contact details
Interactive buttons
Click a button to activate a link or a chatbot that will respond to the message
Push notifications
Keep customers up to date with the status of their orders, remind them of events, and notify them of promo offers

A single system for all channels

In-app chats can easily fit in the existing customer communication processes

Chat design to match the app
Use corporate colors to make the chat feature a full-fledged part of your app
Common chatbot scenarios
You can connect a chatbot to your in-app chat that is already working in other channels — or create a new one
Chat platform
Operator UI that receives messages from all channels, including in-app messages

You won't miss anything

Reports on employee performance and chatbot efficiency
In-app notifications of new messages
Receiving and distributing messages among employees
Service quality assessment
Setting up working and non-working hours
Disturbed process alerts

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