Online chats for websites

Free website widget to communicate with your customers and grow your business


Top-notch customer service

Website chatbots offer an opportunity to improve service quality and reduce contact center maintenance costs

A convenient way to communicate with the company
One of the most popular channels used to reach the company
Corporate style design
Customize the widget to match your corporate colors
Integration in just a few clicks
Send personalized offers and recommendations, notify your customers of promo offers

5 widget elements

Select the functions and customize widget appearance

General details
Set your logo and greet customers in your corporate Tone-of-Voice
Select topics
Allocate topics of frequently asked questions to be instantly answered by the chatbot
Online chats
Stay close to your customers: connect chatbots to automate message processing
Switch to messenger apps
Connect any channels and let your customers pick a communication format they find convenient
Chat history
Customers can easily retrieve the details they need and track the progress of issue resolution

Customized design
and unlimited formats

Media files
Spare no expense: share emoticons, pictures, videos, files, locations, and contact details
Interactive buttons
Click a button to activate a link or a chatbot that will respond to the message
Switch to a messenger app
Customers become your subscribers in a messenger app, so you can message them there

Chats, switching to messenger apps, and feedback collection at any place

Choose the type of widget that suits your needs and place it wherever you like

Corner widgets
It won't occupy much space, and all functions will always be within reach
Built-in widgets
Always in plain view — so you don't leave a question unanswered
Linker widget for connecting messenger apps
Suitable for websites and online chats, making it easy to switch to a messenger app and save the contact details
Separate SMS messaging page
This way, you can collect feedback and give your customers a way to contact the company

Free widget with a chat and all types of messenger apps

Combine requests from all channels with Flomni
Connect chatbots to automate responses
Monitor operator performance and customer service quality
Узлы схемы бота

Intuitive no-code chatbot builder

Create scenarios, add interactive elements, and implement
business processes of any complexity

A single operator platform
to process requests

All channels in a single window, flexible allocation and detailed analytics.

Customer details
Send personalized offers and recommendations, notify your customers of promo offers Quick phrases, real-time typing view
Chat history, real-time typing view
Send service messages when order, appointment, or delivery status is changed Integration with your CRM or CMS system
Response templates and AI-based prompts for operators
Create templates from scratch or connect a prompt bot to recognize the topic of an incoming message and suggest ready-made answers to the operator
Диалоги транспортной компании

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