Automate all incoming
requests to your company

Use bots for message processing to reduce costs and improve customer experience.


Best marketing practices for great performance

2 times
less spending on contact center maintenance
Up to 90%
responses are automated
faster operator performance

Communicate in ways that are convenient for customers

Add messenger apps that your customers use to communicate in a format they find convenient
Widgets with all types of channels
Process all messages from your website and messenger apps quickly and leave none unanswered
In-app chats
Integrate SDK into your Android or iOS app and create a single customer service system
Узлы схемы бота

No-code chatbot builder

Create scenarios, add interactive elements, and implement
business processes of any complexity

Smart Bots can increase regular chatbot efficiency by 40%

AI bots are able to simulate live communication. They can understand random text, recognize topics, and suggest an appropriate response

Switch to chats

Increase the convenience of conversations with your customers and reduce company costs

From a phone call to any messenger app
Even if a user has already called, you can offer them to switch ti chat at the IVR stage instead of having to wait in line for a chat operator. If they agree, they will receive a link to the chat
From a phone number link to Apple Messages for Business
Suggest texting instead of calling. 75% of users in total would prefer messaging, so this alternative way of communication can help avoid waiting in line
From Google Maps to Google Business Messages
A new communication format you can use right there in Google. Instead of waiting in line, customers can chat with an operator and use chatbots to have their questions instantly answered

We'll help you implement the best practices and customize the platform to meet your business goals and vision

We have extensive experience in automating large-scale contact centers, and we are happy to share our expertise with you.
Our team will solve any issue with minimal involvement on your side.

A flexible platform tailored to serve millions of customers

Stable uptime with 99.9% SLA and one-second message delivery
Reliable service with emergency auto-restore functions
All types of formats: use a cloud version or install the service on your own server
Our servers are located in Russia
We care for data security and comply with Russian personal data processing laws
Customize option at your request

Analytics for every occasion

View reports in your personal account and upload them in a convenient format

All data on employee performance
For example: number of chats processed, average chat processing time, line waiting time and customer ratings
All data on chatbot efficiency
Data on user requests and chatbot actions. For example: which requests the bot managed to complete, and which did it hand off to operators
All data on customer behavior
User journey, chatbot conversion funnel, and customer satisfaction score

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and help you find the right solution

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