Send regular newsletters and service
notifications in any messenger.


Send messages
in messenger apps

Use the channels your audience uses

Probability of getting a response is up
SMS messaging costs are
3–6 times lower
Call center costs are
2 times lower

100% delivery rate
with cascade mailing

Combine messenger apps and SMS messaging

Mailing by phone number
This option is supported by VKontakte, Viber, WhatsApp, and SMS. Choose multiple channels or use all four channels for greater efficiency
Mailing lists
You can use mailing lists to send messages in Telegram, VKontakte, or Viber. Use the channel that is more popular with your customers for more affordable prices
Combined mailing
Combine messenger app functionality, add SMS messages, and make the most of your mailing lists
Социальные сети

How cascade mailing works

Messages are sent to each channel in turn, starting with the most affordable one. If the email message remains unread for a specified time, it will be sent again in messenger apps. If the user still doesn't receive it, they will get an SMS message.

Automate communication through
IT system integrations

We can adjust the integration for your specific goals at short notice

Instant sending
Emails and notifications will be sent to customers after their CRM system status is changed
Customers can use a bot to reschedule an appointment/delivery or look up order details
Custom responses
An AI bot can identify the topic of a text message and send an appropriate response

Test it in action

100% delivery — see for yourself

1. Select where to send a message
2. Select a message format
3. Message history

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