Cashwagon: bots process up to 80% of all requests in 4 countries

This fin tech startup decided to build a unified customer communication system for a single request flow from different countries and communication channels. The company understood that, at the current stage of development, it was especially important to establish smooth communication processes and provide quality customer support.


The chatbot automatically processes up to 80% of all customer requests
The bot is configured to work in 5 languages for each scenario
Employees save up to 46% of their time thanks to the automated notifications of loan application status


Cashwagon first contacted us in 2018. This fin tech startup specialized in online microlending offered in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Cashwagon acted as an intermediary between borrowers and banks. Using the company's mobile app, customers could apply for a loan; the app was used for all types of communications.


Cashwagon had to process large numbers of requests: the workload of its call center employees in four countries was enormous.

By the time they contacted Flomni, Cashwagon had standalone text-based request channels, but they were used in select countries and remained decentralized. That resulted in a rather cumbersome, unstable system with various suppliers for different countries.


Develop a single request processing system for all countries. We had to take into account that each country has its own language, and thus, a standalone contact center that provides customer support.


Omnichannel chat platform

With Flomni, the company was able to process customer requests from all channels in all countries of operation. We adapted our chatbots for the target languages.

  • We connected an online chat widget to the website and integrated the chat feature into Cashwagon mobile app through SDK.
  • The website widget included both an online chat and a link to Facebook Messenger*. We were unable to add other messenger apps because of the specific scope of operation: not everyone is willing to provide a verified account to a microfinance company.
  • Chatbots designed to automatically respond to frequently asked questions were then connected to the online chat and Facebook Messenger*. Once the scenario was ready, we added localized texts in Filipino, Sinhalese, Tamil, Vietnamese, etc. — just in a few clicks.
  • The Dialogs platform made it possible to segment and distribute inquiries among offices in different countries.
  • We integrated Flomni into Cashwagon's CRM and BI systems. The CRM system data was used to automatically send notifications; and the integration with the BI system gave the company an option to draft more reports to make managerial decisions.

* This social network is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation


Given the specifics of local languages, Cashwagon decided to develop their own bots. Flomni provided the company with administrative rights to use the platform and advised on the process of service operations.

Cashwagon employees from around the world worked to localize the bots. The platform supports multilingual solutions with unlimited text features.

Once you have created the chatbot logic in a single language, it can easily be scaled for other countries, so you don't have to create everything from scratch. This reduces internal labor costs.

Quick launch via visual chatbot builder

A bot is created in a visual builder. It's easy to handle. The main thing you need to understand is how a particular customer request would be processed by a call center operator, and then embed this scenario in the Q&A logic.
Chatbot builder for quick scenario customization. The system checks for bot configuration errors

Offloading contact centers

Flomni provides a single system for processing requests from different countries. For each request, the country from which the customer is messaging is noted.

However, due to regional and language differences at Cashwagon, processing requests from different countries was distributed among multiple contact centers. The Vietnamese team processed requests from Vietnam, while the Indonesian team responded to inquiries from Indonesia, and so on.

For each country, requests from all channels were stacked into a single system. At the initial stage, all requests were bot-processed. If necessary, questions were redirected to an employee.

This way, we were able to relieve the call center employees of 80% of their workload.

Many people contacted the service to find out why they were denied a loan. Most of the reasons were quite common, which meant the answers could be automated. This allowed the call center staff to pay closer attention to the customers who fit creditors' requirements.

If a conversation is handed over to a contact center operator, the platform will show the customer's entire chatbot history. An operator can send a reply from the platform, and the answer will be forwarded to the channel used by the customer — for example, the in-app chat or a messenger app.

Self-launch or turnkey launch

Due to the project specifics, Cashwagon employees undertook many stages of platform configuration. The platform UI makes the setup a piece of cake. Detailed instructions can be found at Flomni Help Center, with all necessary documentation and video tutorials. If you do not want to do the launch on your own, our experts can offer a turnkey solution ready to use in just 2 to 3 weeks.

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