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Мой доктор

Medical center Moy Doktor: customer communication costs reduced by 45%

As their business grew, the Moy Doktor medical center network began to incur too much expense on communications with customers. We helped them optimize costs and improve service quality by using customer-friendly communication channels.


The costs of outgoing messages are now 3 lower
Up to 45% total savings on communications with customers
Up to 50% less call center operator workload


Moy Doktor employs over 100 doctors in 35 specialties. The company has been providing services to patients for 15 years.


The communication channels the company used were expensive and inefficient. Operators had to call customers to confirm the appointment, and send a reminder via SMS on the day before the appointment. There was no way to track the delivery of SMS messages.

Only the hotline was used to process incoming requests — at peak times, the company had to involve many operators, and customers still had to go through a long wait for an answer.


  • Reduce the costs of communicating with customers
  • Reduce call center operator workload


Optimize incoming and outgoing messages with an omnichannel platform.

  1. We automated appointment confirmation and rescheduling. To do this, we utilized text-based communication channels like WhatsApp, Viber, and VKontakte.

    Appointment confirmations are now done by cascade mailing. Here is how it works: an automatic message is first sent to the messenger app that is most affordable for the company (VKontakte → Viber), then to the more expensive one (WhatsApp). The Flomni system recognizes whether a customer uses this messenger by phone number they left when making an appointment. If the customer is reached on one of the messengers, mailing to other apps stops. If the customer has not read the messages in any app, the system sends an SMS message. Customers can manage their appointment (change the time or date) directly from the messenger.
  2. For appointment reminders, we connected a voicebot — it calls customers a day before the appointment instead of an operator.
  3. We integrated our solution with the Moy Doktor CRM system so that appointments could be managed directly in the chatbot. When any data is changed, it is automatically saved in the CRM system — with no operators involved.
  4. We optimized the processing of incoming requests. Online chat, Apple Messages, Viber, WhatsApp, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and Telegram were connected to the Dialogs service. Operators can now see requests from all of these channels in a single-window UI. When operators respond, messages are forwarded to the channel that the customer used to contact the company. If this is not the first time this customer has contacted the company, operators will see their entire request history on the platform.

The project was done on a turnkey basis. The medical center didn't have to deal with any technical issues and setup, and they received ready-to-use solutions straight away.

Automated appointment confirmation with less expenses

We used messenger apps to automatically confirm appointments. They are more affordable than SMS. Besides, chatbots can be connected to messengers. Involvement of call center operators at this stage is minimal.

Now, the process looks like this: a customer receives an appointment confirmation message in a messenger app. The customer's name and appointment details are automatically retrieved from the CRM system. They can use buttons under this message to manage the appointment — for example, change the time or date. These requests are processed by a bot. The changed data is then saved back on the CRM system using the Flomni platform.

To implement bots into any project, you should take a number of crucial steps. Let's use Ural Airlines as an example.

It is very convenient that we have a chatbot builder available — it is a quick and easy way to adjust bot actions. With the visual editor, you can edit, fine-tune, and improve the chatbots with no devs involved.

Sergei Solonenko

Head of Automation at the Moy Doktor network

Convenient processing of incoming requests

It can be conducted through the Dialogs service by Flomni. Instead of calling the hotline and waiting for an answer, customers can send a message on the company website or any convenient messenger. Operators can process all requests in Dialogs, and they won't have to switch between and monitor multiple communication channels anymore. Message templates are available, which helps speed up communication and reduces the contact center workload.

This is how customer requests are displayed in Dialogs.

Project development

Project development is associated with automation of incoming requests based on the Dialogs service. Bots can process typical requests: Flomni allows you to use both usual button bots and AI-based Smart Bots for random text recognition.

Bots will help patients make appointments and provide additional background information. Also, they are planned to be used in the hotline's interactive voice menu, as it will relieve employees of answering voice calls.

Thanks to this, the contact center operators workload, which has already decreased by 50%, will decrease even more.

Any tools you need

Flomni lets you choose from a whole set of tools to use the ones that meet your needs. For our part, we provide advice at all stages, as well as fully assuming the technical implementation at customer's request.

For most projects, we would recommend gradual deployment of the toolset. You can start with automating the most problematic area in communications with your customer database, evaluate the effect, and then decide whether you need to scale.

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