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12 Oct 2022

How chatbots help HR managers with 4 common tasks

Initial screening, enrolling eligible candidates for interviews, hiring statistics — all this can be delegated to an HR bot. Read on to find out how an HR bot can make an HR department's job easier.

1. It allows you to fill vacancies effectively

At the search stage, the HR bot can help a company build an automated hiring funnel. The bot can be used for a variety of jobs, from mass recruitment of couriers or drivers to hiring managers and skilled professionals like engineers, developers, etc. Only scenarios and automated funnel stages will differ. The HR bot can be useful for filling any position.

The bot collects job seeker data from different job search websites into a single database. Using a mailing list in the messenger app, it can offer "cold" applicants from the database to respond to the job offer, which helps the company get more responses.

Thanks to the automation, the company now fills 2 to 3 times more vacant positions.

For the initial assessment of candidates, the bot can send out links to a test or survey, and then collect and evaluate the responses. Then it can select eligible candidates and invite them to an interview. This will relieve recruiters of some work at the initial stage and reduce the costs for the company.

At the hiring stage, the HR bot can save up to 60 hours of HR specialist's time.

According to Flomni statistics, 50% of job seekers start a chat with the bot, 25% agree to an interview, and 3% eventually get hired.

For example, an HR bot is used to search for employees at the supermarket chain Pyaterochka. According to HeadHunter, 14,000 job candidates talked to the bot in two months, and 1,587 of them were hired for sales associate and information desk positions.

2. It facilitates employee onboarding

During the onboarding process, the bot will introduce a new employee to the company according to a preset scenario. For example, it can tell them about the rules, company values, and their role on the team using a convenient messenger app. You can link a knowledge base and FAQ in the window so that the employee can instantly find answers to their question. Chatbots can remember all useful information like job locations, job descriptions, contact details of system administrators, etc.

If an employee has an uncommon question that can not be found in the bot's knowledge base, the bot will automatically hand off the conversation to an HR specialist. HR managers will immediately see what the employee asked in a single dialog window.

HR bots can help organize initial training. They can be used to present the material in a structured way and conduct automatic tests to check the trainees' knowledge. The bot can notify an employee of evaluation results and collect training-related data for a HR manager.

Adaptation of employees can take 1 month less, and the time saved at the HR department per month can add up to 34 hours.

3. It takes care of employees

HR bots will take care of organizational issues: for example, they can send a template for a leave application when requested by an employee. The bot can be trusted with all tasks related to sending employees notifications. Employees will receive all explanations, alerts, and reminders of meetings with managers in due time.

You can add AI to the Flomni HR bot. This way, employees won't have to choose one of the suggested options. They can write a free-form question, and the bot will recognize the wording and give the right answer. If the bot can't find an answer to a question, it will automatically hand off the conversation to an HR specialist.

Along with initial training for newcomers, remote training for employees can be organized with a chatbot. The bot will send links to an online course or a lesson, as well as conduct an automatic test to assess learning efficiency.

Using the bot, you can conveniently collect feedback to assess the level of employee engagement, their requests for training, satisfaction with completed training courses, emotional state, and other indicators that matter to you.

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4. It collects analytics for effective workforce management

A chatbot can calculate profile metrics that HR specialists can use to reasonably make changes and optimize processes:


  1. how many vacancies have been filled;
  2. how fast the responses have been processed;
  3. what are the reasons to decline; and
  4. what website the candidates came from — this makes it easier for you to plan future placements on job search websites.


  1. what stage an employee is at;
  2. how often they ask unusual questions;
  3. if their mentor is doing a good job; and
  4. results of surveys and initial training.


  1. emotional state of the team;
  2. feedback collection;
  3. training outcomes; and
  4. the most common reasons for resignation.

How much does a bot like this cost?

The cost may vary depending on the number of employees and usage scenarios. Starter pack prices start at RUB 13,500 per month. You can find out the price of a bot based on your company needs using our online price calculator.

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